senior photo

Suddenly, the skeletons start screaming off to battle Jason and his Argunauts! Jason bravely fights off the living dead to finally get the golden- *cough cough* fleece! 

That was my standard elementary winter school days. I would be home stuck with a fever, cough or kidney stones, but Ray Harryhousen knew how to lift my spirits. It would be my dad's turn to watch me on one of my sick days and would always pop in one of his childhood favorites into the VCR. No matter how many times we would watch it together, it always felt like I was watching it for the first time. Harryhousen spoke to me in ways no teacher, friend or softball coach could. He would whisper: "Hannah. Haaannnnaaahhhh! You should make movies for a living!!!!" Well, of course he really never spoke to me in person, but in my little third grade head, that was exactly what he was saying. And from then on, I agreed with whatever imaginary Ray Harryhousen said.

That was ten years ago, but those moments have lived on with me ever since. I'm now a Television and Radio Major with a minor in Theatre here at Ithaca College; this school and this program is where I belong. With my degree, I plan on making it as far as I possibly can. I could be the next Brian Williams, Tina Fey, Lorne Michaels, or Christopher Nolan! 

I have already learned so much from my first semester here at Ithaca. Here in the Park school, I was able to take a class called S'Park. I was able to learn about emerging media, how to make connections and so much more. I've also got to think differently than the person next to me, most Parkies will end up with a job that doesn't exist today, to "market" yourself, use Ithaca's facilities to the fullest and take classes in everything that interests me. I have already started to market myself. For example, during Family Weekend, the women from Ithaca Motion Picture Project came in and showed us a clip from a serial that they are trying to put together. Being a huge Silent Film enthusiast, I went up to them after their presentation was over. I told them how interested I was in with what they were doing and if there was anything I could do to help. They were so excited that they want me to intern with them soon. I'm barely out of my freshmen year and I already have internships lined up.

If I have to make up my own job after I graduate just to have a career in the field I love- bring it on. I'll invent that camera from Willy Wonka that beams people into the TV if I have to! I will eat nothing but ramen if that means I'll have enough money to live in NYC or LA for my dream job. TV and movies is was I live for- no one can tell me that I can't get a job. No matter how many people tell me that I won't get a job or make any money because of what I want to do for a living- I just tell them I won't include them in my Academy Award's speech. 

Hopefully my perseverance will show through the rest of my time here at Ithaca College. Maybe I'll be able to meet Ray Harryhousen, work for Tina Fey or become my boss. Only time will tell, but my passion for television and film will never fade.