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My name is Irene Krahling and I am a Television-Radio major with a concentration in Video Production in the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. I am extremely passionate about television and what I do at Ithaca College. My interests range from being on-camera talent to a variety of off-camera jobs. 

My love for television began in a high school production class where I learned the basic tools for recording and editing. I was an anchor for my school's morning announcements and was hooked on news ever since. I am currently a Junior and could not love Ithaca more. In just two short years I have learned so much from classes and extracurricular activities such as ICTV's organization. I have been involved in "Entertainment Sixteen" as a camera operator. I was on-camera talent in ICTV's show "All That Glitters is Goldberg" and on "Sports Final" as a football field reporter.

I have many passions including sports (especially football), photography and film, singing and songwriting, and acting. Ithaca College has allowed me to build my knowledge and incorporate my interests into my work. I am very driven, responsible, organized, and work-oriented. I am also a great listener, speaker, and learner. I truly believe in  doing my best all of the time and I try to include that in every aspect of my life from work to school. If you would like to contact me, my email is ikrahling@gmail.com.