Hello, and welcome to my e-Portfolio! I am a Television-Radio major here at Ithaca College, and I aspire to someday have my very own radio show. 

My interest in communications originally sparked when I was 10 years old, and I became very passionate about music. This led to an obsession with radio and ultimately pushed me towards trying communications. Once in a class called "TV Studio" in eighth grade, I was hooked on all things media. 

I then proceeded to become a part of my high school's University Program for communications. I only became more attracted to all aspects of the media, broadcasting, audio, radio, video production, film. I have even recently become very interested in photography. 

I understand that the media is constantly changing, and that we all must change in order to keep up with it. And yes, the media can be manipulative, photographs can lie, videos can portray things that are not necessarily true, but that is just part of what the media is. I am always consistently trying to keep up with the media, going from Myspace, to Facebook, to Twitter, to Tumblr. Getting all the new technology in order to stay current and with everyone else. We have to familiarize ourselves will all of these new things in order to keep up. 

In the generation I am living in, we are all more inept to keeping up with the trends, since we have been from a young age, and I feel that I understand technology and media and social networking more than older generations. I am confident that I can make it in the media business if I am passionate about it and I am smart about it.