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My name is Justin Barwick and I am a Journalism major part of the Class of 2012 at Ithaca College.  I originate from Denver, Colorado where my family currently lives.  From a young age, I admired the work of the news anchors working for stations such as CNN, NBC, or even local stations such as my home town network 9News.  The way they were able to convey messages to the public in a creative and exciting way is what inspired my dream of becoming a television news anchor.  Thus, the Journalism department in the Roy H. Park School of Communications became my home.  They will teach me the tools and skills necessary to achieve my dream.  Through vigorous course work and hands on experience, I will be able to perform any job in the journalism field. 

While school is very important to me, I believe in keeping a balanced life style.  Swimming has been my life long sport, and I am currently competing for the Ithaca College Mens Swimming Team.  I specialize in long distance freestyle events such as the mile or the 1000 meters.  I also got involved with the school newspaper "The Ithacan" where I am gaining real life experience and learning about the exciting news opportunities as well.

My previous work experience extends into the fields of education and lifeguarding.  For three summers now, I have worked as a lifeguard at the Bear Creek Swim and Tennis Club.  This job taught me to be disciplined in the work place.  I learned how to treat different types of medical situations, worked with members to establish good relationships, and most of all, to watch for dangerous situations in and out of the pool to keep the public safe.  I also worked as a tutor for a company named Tutor Train.  Their program is designed to sharpen students skills in the fields of math, english and reading.  I worked alongside multiple students and helped to guid them through their course work and helped to better them as students. 

I believe in hard work.  If a task needs to get done, I will not stop until it has been completed.  I believe that once I gain more confidence, anything will be possible. Being able to say "I did that job and I did it well" is key in any profession, and I need to learn to be more confident in my work.  I believe that each success in my academic and professional career will help to build my confidence, and nothing will be able to hold me down.  If I keep balance in my life, work hard, and have fun while doing it, I will be able to accomplish my goals and will be able to achieve anything I set my mind to.  

Taking S'Park has been very beneficial to me. Our class got the opportunity to speak with many influential people in the media world, and they spoke to us on how to accomplish our goals in the media world. Anytime one has the opportunity to speak with the CEO of Disney, they are very lucky! This class has helped, and will continue to help many students in the future.