IC Fall 2012

     Hi everyone! My name is Jillian Boehm and I'm currently a Sophomore at Ithaca College.  I'm a Television-Radio major in the Roy H. Park School of Communications. My concentration is in Media Production. I also have two minors, Scriptwriting and Legal Studies. Recently I have gotten involved in ICTV by writing for POP QUIZ. This is my second semester working with WICB and VIC (IC's two radio stations) as a newscaster. During my senior year, I hope to intern in Los Angeles.  I expect to graduate in the Spring of 2015. 


     After graduating from Ithaca College, I would like to be a writer on a show like Modern Family or The New Normal. Comedy is my favorite genre of television, but the Food Network and Travel Channel are a very, very close second. I want to understand all aspects of making a successful show. It fascinates me how many people spend hours laboring over an angle of a light, the sound effects, or even getting the perfect shot. I don't understand why the camera operators or writers are not as famous as the actors because they are the ones doing the work that makes the show or movie unique and unforgettable. After working in "the business" for a while, I aspire going to law school and studying Entertainment Law.