My best friend and myself at a summer swim meet together

Hello, and good day to you, my name is James Anthony Bowe IV and I would like to welcome you to my ePortfolio. I am currently a freshman at Ithaca College in Ithaca NewYork. I am working towards earning a degree in Health Science with a Pre-med emphasis. After I earn my degree I hope to continue my education at graduate school and earn my doctorate in a specialist area that will later be decided. And perhaps start my own practice after working with health organizations that provide health care to impoverished areas around the world that can not afford it such as Doctors Without Borders. 

A little but about me outside of school, I was born in Bensalem, Pennsylvania and at age 1 I moved to Newtown, Pennsylvania. I love spending my time exercising, playing sports and volunteering. I enjoy seasonal sports like tennis, soccer and snowboarding but I also like year-round sports like swimming. Swimming is my favorite sport, I have participated in competitive swimming ever since I was 13 and competed with my high school's men's varsity team, my school district's team, my local township's summer team, and now I currently swim for the Ithaca College Bombers' Men's Varisty Swimming.

Aside from sports, I like to spend my time volunteering for many things like Multicultural Day, a day in my county dedicated to raising cultural awareness of the cultural diversity that surrounds us. I also do fundraising for various causes like Tyler Tasting, an annual gala in which all of the proceeds go towards restoring historic buildings in my hometown. And I also volunteer for agricultural events and clubs like 4H and the Grange Fair. 

Another notable passion of mine is that I live to participate in extracurricular clubs. In high school i participated in Latin Club, Ski and Snowboarding Club, and the 4H club. And now at Ithaca College I participate in clubs within the ALANA organization, like the Ithaca Achievement Program.