A picture of myself in a blue striped shirt by a window.

Hello, and good day to you, my name is James Anthony Bowe IV and I would like to welcome you to my ePortfolio. I am currently a freshman at Ithaca College in Ithaca NewYork. I am working towards earning a degree in Health Care Management. After I earn my degree I hope to continue my education by earning a M.B.A. and then continuing to work for a hospital, insurance agency, pharmaceutical company or retirement community where I can utilize my degree to its full potential.

A little but about me outside of school, I was born in Bensalem, Pennsylvania and at age 1 I moved to Newtown, Pennsylvania. I love spending my time exercising, playing sports and volunteering. I enjoy seasonal sports like tennis, soccer and snowboarding but I also like year-round sports like swimming. Swimming is my favorite sport, I have participated in competitive swimming ever since I was 13 and competed with my high school's men's varsity team, my school district's team, my local township's summer team, and now I currently swim for the Ithaca College Bombers' Men's Varisty Swimming.

Aside from sports, I like to spend my time volunteering for many things like Multicultural Day, a day in my county dedicated to raising cultural awareness of the cultural diversity that surrounds us. I also do fundraising for various causes like Tyler Tasting, an annual gala in which all of the proceeds go towards restoring historic buildings in my hometown. And I also volunteer for agricultural events and clubs like 4H and the Grange Fair. 

Another notable passion of mine is that I live to participate in extracurricular clubs. In high school i participated in Latin Club, Ski and Snowboarding Club, and the 4H club. And now at Ithaca College I participate in clubs within the ALANA organization, like the Ithaca Achievement Program.