Jenn Burgess (Taken by Eric Yeckley)

Welcome to the ePortfolio page of Jennifer Burgess.

I am currently a student of Ithaca College located in upstate New York. As a student of the Roy H. Park School of Communications, I have a strong interest in the world of technology and media. Though I came into school this fall as a Journalism major, I have recently come to realize that design, advertising and the world of public relations are my true passions and I plan to switch to an Integrated Marketing Communications major next fall. If all goes as planned, I will be a graduate in the spring of 2015.

Thinking about where I will be after graduating college in four years is tough. All I know for now, is that I'd like to see myself being absorbed in the world of media and everything ihas to offer and taking advantage of all the knowledge I've gained while studying at Ithaca College. However, the world of communications is changing so rapidly and my dreams right now can change in an instant. What we are accustomed to now, may be completely irrelevant in four years, but this field has so many opportunities for us to adjust to the changes quickly and take advantage of new technology.

Social media is so prevalent in today's society - it is the new "water cooler" of the workplace. Being involved in the development of new forms of this media would be an epic goal of mine. Changing the way we use the internet in general, and making my stamp on the communications world is what my main goal in life is. There are so many opportunities for this to happen for all of us who desire to do so. Collaborating will get you far, and the ability to work with others efficiently is a great skill to possess when going into a competitive field like this. I've learned that it is important to always hold on to your professionalism through all the changes, that is key.

As for right now, I'll settle on making a mark on Ithaca College and the Park School. There is always room for improvement and change, and getting involved and making your name know is a great way to start. And that's what I plan to do, starting now.