Hello and welcome to my E-portfolio! My name is James Campbell (I go by Jamie though). I am a Freshman Television-Radio major and plan to graduate in May 2015. I do not remember a time where I did not want to work in the television industry. As a little kid I was a SportsCenter anchor for halloween one year. I even would mute the TV and commentate my city's (Philadelphia) professional sports games on a little recorder I had occasionally. When I started high school my plan was to be the sports commentator for my high school's TV club and go on to be a famous sportscaster. But while waiting my turn to commentate some sports games I was doing more of the behind the scenes camera work and I loved it. So now my dreams have changed from wanting to be a sportscaster to anything behind the scenes.

One thing everybody should know about me is how crazy I am about soccer. So one of my goals is to end up working with soccer in any capacity. I think that if I end up with a career that has to do with TV and soccer I will be absolutely thrilled.


Spark has been a wonderful class this semester and I learned tons of new things that can and will help me further my television career. 5 things I learned in Spark:

1). I learned that internships are a HUGE key to success.

2) I have also learned that nothing in the media industry is really free anymore, even youtube.

3). Jobs are becoming more readily available, especially internationally.

4). the television industry is growing and changing rapidly.

5). I also learned that television and social media are beginning to converge together and becoming one