Jaclyn Cataldi

I became interested in writing ever since I received my first journal from my grandfather in first grade. Throughout high school my enjoyment of writing only grew, and by the time I was sixteen I attended a media/journalism program called Lead America that introduced me to the broadcast aspect of writing and journalism. I fell in love with the behind-the-scene jobs of TV and news stations, and immediately aspired to have a career in broadcast journalism. This aspiration led me to my current journalism major at Ithaca College.


At first, I wanted to obtain a career as a print journalist for various newspapers, covering opinion oriented topics and editorials. However, after some experience writing for my high school newspaper, The Patriot Press, and discoveries I made within my first few weeks at Ithaca, I realized that communication is rapidly changing with society, and print journalism is decreasing with the rise of electronic media. 


I was heavily involved in dance for most of my life, and I also loved to play piano. My interest in the arts was almost as strong as my interest for broadcast journalism. Even though mass media in countries with high industrialization have a key role in political power, I knew that writing about political and governmental issues would personally not be intriguing for me. Nonetheless, I already knew that I wanted an involvement in TV writing due to my experience with Lead America, and I decided that I wanted my major in journalism to expand into the area of mass media entertainment. 


In my years at Ithaca College, I plan to study abroad in Los Angeles or the new Manhattan campus. It is there where introductions to the business of mass media are most attainable. I also wish to write for Newswatch 16 or have some other involvement with ICTV in the following semesters. 


Over winter break, various internship corporations will gather to speak to Ithaca students and schedule interviews for potential internship opportunities. I furthermore hope to gain an internship from this seminar that hopefully leads me to a job in the mass media as an entertainment and broadcast journalist. 


Starting at the bottom is an inevitable step in becoming a good journalist. I hope to fulfill the duty of controlling content that is distributed in the media and contributing to public knowledge with reliable and trustworthy information. Eventually, I hope this will help me reach my dream job as a broadcast journalist in the entertainment department of NBC.