Jodie Chimes


My name is Jodie Chimes, or should I say, “Jodie Chimes, master of Post-Production” as I hope to be known in the future as. Whenever I watch something, whether it is in the movie theaters, or on television, I cannot help but see through it. I have a tendency to focus on the editing and magnetism of the special effects and the amount of time it takes to create and produce such a work of genius. I am majoring in Film, Photography, and Visual Arts and although I cannot concentrate in post-production, that is the area that in which I hope to gain the most experience. As a student at Ithaca College, I know that I will be prepared for the future, as long as I take in all of the opportunities thrown my way, and use everything available to my advantage; I will be well prepared for my future in communications. I have been at Ithaca for roughly four months now and I still have so much to learn, but I already am so inspired with the knowledge that I have already gained.

In one of my amazing classes, I have had the opportunity to speak to alumni’s of Ithaca who have given me hope for the future. I have learned many important things about the world of communications. Without a doubt, unless you apply yourself you will not succeed. You need to have direction, focus, and determination. The time to start getting involved is now. Jobs in the TV and Movie business are mainly about luck, talent and knowledge of social communication. Everything you learn must be taken in and used to your full potential. You cannot be shy in this industry. With that being said, internships are very important for the future. Internships will put you one step ahead of someone else that has not had the same opportunity. While some have easy access to the world of communications, others do not. As Americans, we take a lot for granted. I did not realize that being a journalist in Africa was so difficult. Censorship is a major problem in the world of communications and having such an open society is truly a gift.   

My interest in film and media heightened a few years ago when as a hobby I started experimenting with Windows Movie Maker. I appreciated everything this program could do and was able to be creative with it. I knew that the world of communications and film was something I was passionate and serious about pursuing in my future. What was once a dream is now becoming a reality. I gained my dream for my future in communications in the beginning of my high school career as I began to obsess over fan-made videos. What started out as aligning pictures to songs, turned into using actual footage from shows and making music videos. I decided to take it upon myself to make my own so-called fan videos. I succeeded, and I fell absolutely in love with it and literally began to invest all of my free time in it. Discovering Sony Vegas, allowed me to absorb myself more into the enthrallment of special effects and the facet of editing. It was a secret of mine for a very long time; however I finally let my parents into my secret life. I kept it a secret from most of my friends. Nonetheless, in college I have found it so much easier to be myself, and let others into my secret life. I have realized something. YouTube is what got me to where I am today; it led me to aspire to be a master of post-production in areas such as editing, special effects, music videos, movie trailers and even commercials. There is no reason to hide it, because that would merely be hiding my dream from the world. By hiding my dream, I will never succeed. It is time to let people in to be aware of these dreams that I possess.