at Yale University

      My name is Jessica DePeppo and I want to be a successful photographer. I want to create images that impact people in that ways in which I desire. I believe to be a successful photographer I must need to learn the skills of how to create a compositionally correct and aesthetically appealing picture. There are many skills that many classes here can teach me to achieve this goal. If I want to make an impact with my photos they need to have a meaning and need to be well made in order to translate the message I am trying to send. With the right tools and skills, the photos I create will impact people the way I want them to.  I believe work in the classroom will help me develop the skills I need to achieve my goals. The best teacher is experience, and the classes Ithaca offers provide plenty of just that. Over time, I know I have the ability to learn the skills, knowledge, and techniques I need to make beautiful pictures. Experience is learning from your mistakes and moving forward and the classes I will take can help me with that.



Extracurricular Activities:

National Honor Society: (12)

Work to organize meetings, plan events, tutor underclassmen, and work closely with administration. 

Tech Team: (12)

Work with teachers and administration to fix problematic computers and other technical devices.

Yearbook: (12)

            Designed, organize, and print the school’s yearbook with the principal. 

Interact Club: (12, 11)

            Work directly with the local Rotary.

            Participate in fundraising activities for various organizations.

Good Morning Gators: (12,11)

            Daily broadcast a morning television show for the entire school.

            Anchor (11)

            Camera Operator (11,12)

            Video Editor (11,12)

Forensics: (12,11,10,9)

Speech and Debate Team that compete on weekends (Sept-March) in the tri-state area.

            Captain (12)

-Outstanding Exhibition of Morale Award (11,10)

Awarded 6th in Original Oratory at the Micky Cullen Tournament 


Notre Dame Open House (12,10,9)

            Served as a tour guide and handed out pamphlets to students and families.

            Helped promote the Forensics team.

Notre Dame Orientation for incoming freshmen (11,10,9)

            Tour Guide

Tour prospective incoming freshmen around campus and helped sell school apparel

Cystic Fibrosis Walk (11,10,9)

Participated in the walk and worked closely with “Team Joe” in the organization of money collection.

JDRF Walk (12,11)

Served as a volunteer to help organize the set up of the walk and also participated in the walk.

Autism Walk (11)

            Raised money and participated in the walk. 

Relay for Life (12,11)

Helped organize a team and sell products in school to raise money for cancer awareness.

Special Honors and Awards:

Notre Dame Academy Award for Excellence:

Art (10)

Computer Science (10,11) 

Photography (12)


Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices (12,11,10,9)

            Serve ice and ice cream to customers and clean the store 12 hours a week.