Jared Dionne

In a Nutshell

My name is Jared Dionne and I come from the small town of Foster, Rhode Island. I am currently a senior journalism/marketing double major at Ithaca College. My passion lies in the form of music. I knew music was destined to be the primary focus of my life the first time I heard a song that I connected to on more than just a superficial level. Since then, I spend the majority of my time listening to, writing about, performing and watching performances of music. 

I am both a blogger and a staff writer for Ithaca College's prestigious weekly newspaper, The Ithacan. I tend to write mostly album and live reviews for the print edition, but I have done a few features and a bunch of exciting interviews with well-known bands such as Ra Ra Riot, OK Go and Phoenix. I previously wrote for "Sharp Notes" a blog that consisted mainly of my take on music news, new albums and anything else that relates to sonic artistry.

My dream is to work for in the music industry (booking, PR, labels, venues, etc.) where I can further immerse myself in music culture. I would also be interested in festival planning and management. I think one of the most appealing aspects of the music industry is the breakneck pace and intensity. I have a strong work ethic and I'd like to see it put to good use by doing something I love that is already a major component of my life.

Feel free to browse my portfolio and learn more about me!