Me left center in argile, dad to the left. mom and sister on the right

My name is Jeff Dirdack and I am from Wharton, New Jersey. I am a TV/R major graduating in the class of 2015. In a way, I stumbled into the TV world accidentally when I took a Popular Culture class in high school that involved several video projects. I loved doing it so much, I decided to take TV1, TV2, and even took an independent study. I made my own curriculum and made videos that ultimately led to an MSG Varsity Scholarship. On my free time I enjoy making comedy, but I am very passionate about sports highlight packages. I have always loved and played sports, and realized I can have a career fusing my two passions together. My dream job would be to edit highlight packages for ESPN.

The media industry calls for creative, passionate, hard workers. I am very passionate about putting my best work out for people to see. I wear my work on my sleeve, and it is something to take pride in. In today's society, people follow sports for more than the game itself. It is important to bring out more than the game in highlight packages, and I enjoy mashing something that seemingly does not seem related with sports into one project.

I understand that with today's technology it is more important than ever to be able to appeal to a global audience. The world is more connected today than ever with new rising mediums such as Facebook and Skype. News and media content travel faster than ever. It is important for me to make my content universal.

It is important to remember where one comes from. Networking is so important in the media industry because several of the major companies are involved with more than one media medium. There is a good chance that I will see someone more than once, so it is important to make a good impression.

Not many people have the opportunity to know how to properly communicate a message to the masses. Having the knowledge and ability to communicate with a mass audience is something I do not take for granted, and wish to continue to hone my skill.

The media industry is ever changing, and I am more than capable of staying ahead of the curve to give myself, and employers, the best chance at being able to reach out to as many people as possible. I plan on having a real message to send to people, and I want as many people in this world as possible to hear me.