Hangin out in the fall


Welcome to my e-portfolio! I am a Cinema and Photography major, and I expect to graduate in the spring of 2015.

I am an aspiring director of short films, music videos, and also sound editor. I love everything film and music, and wish to also combine the two in any way that I can. I view the two different fields as completely separate art forms that when merged correctly, can create a beautiful piece.

The field of film is a constantly changing one, with new technologies becoming the industry standard each and every year. Cameras, video editing software, and sound editing software are all on a non-stop cycle of change as companies and independent filmmakers continue to look for more efficient ways to create their art.

I have grown up devoting my time to experimenting with music and sounds, and producing my own shorts on my digital camera. When I was 18, I performed at the 2011 Bamboozle Festival with my band, Dear Luna. Experiences like this in combination with my love for film led to my interests in sound editing and design for motion pictures. I believe that the era of the silent film has come to an indefinite halt, and the power of sound and composition is just as important to storytelling nowadays as dialogue.

During my time here at Ithaca College, I wish to take the lessons that I learn about the industry and then apply them to the professional field, which will further my creative abilities.