me playing baseball

My name is Jesse Feldman and I"m a freshman here at Ithaca College. I'm majoring in Television-Radio with a media production concentration. I also plan to minor in Sports Media.

My goal is to either go into the field of production or be an on air talent. Since I am really interested in sports, I would hope that any career that I have would be in the field of sports. When I started college this year, I wasn't really sure what direction I wanted to go within my major. Now that I have just about finished my first semester I'm convinced that this is the field that I want to go in.

I have learned that the world of communications is constantly changing. To stay in the business we have to keep with with all of the new technologies and make sure that we are up to date with everything that is going on in the world today. I have also learned that the industry is very competitive and I need all the work experience I can get before I graduate to succeed. Thus I need internships.

This year, I have worked on a number of extra-curricular projects within the Park School. I have been involved with sports radio and I have a weekly sportscast. I have also done color commentating for a football game vs Alfred earlier in the year. For the school television station, I am an Assistant Producer for the weekly show Sports Final and Big Red Faceoff. I have also done camerawork for some high school football games, Cornell Hockey games and Ithaca basketball games.

Right now I'm confident that Ithaca College has and will give me all of the knowledge and experience that I need to be successful in this industry.