A shot of me sitting next to a fountain


Welcome! I am a Cinema and Photography major with a concentration in Cinema Production, and it is my hope to graduate as part of the class of 2015.

My goal in life is to work with one of the things I love most in this world, movies. From my toddler days to the present, my life has been filled with watching, interpreting, and as of recently making movies. When the movie store in my hometown closed, I was heartbroken, but I pooled together a lot of my saved up money and spent over $100 on DVD's and VHS's to bring home. Since then I have stored all of them in 'The Vault' of my house where at least once a week I take the time to kick back relax, watch a new movie to see what the styles of the shots are, or to pick up new things in movies I've seen before. I have had the opportunity to create two compilations of my own, one a fifteen minute look into a co-operative program where high school students mentor elementary students. The other is a half hour journal of a six-week day camp for young kids. Both of these are composed of still shots complimented with music.

Technology has advanced exponentially throughout the last few years alone. That being said, it is nearly impossible to visualize what changes and events might occur ten, twenty, or thirty years down the road. On the reverse of this lies the fact that if you develop your skills to match exactly what is happening right now in the job industry, chances are that by the time you get there the skills that you worked so hard to master will be outdated and of no use to anyone anymore. That is why it is imperative to keep an open mind about what you hope to become. Why limit yourself to one specific path, when you could branch out and explore an entire plethora of possibilities?

My career goal is to work with movies, what that might specifically entail is open to my discretion. However sPark has shown me some valuable pieces of information that I will need in order to be successful in movie making. I will need to know what my target audience is so I can distribute movies globally to different industries, and what specific movies may be more appealing to those industries than others. I will also need to plan for how I will distribute my product domestically. Mobile devices are everywhere now and a great way to market, advertise, and sell products is to make them available for mobile devices. Larger companies in the US such as Verizon would certainly have a share in this, but back to global distribution, Verizon is not nearly as large and other companies will have to be marketed to for mobile device availability. 

Television will also play a role due to the fact that it is one of the greatest advertising resources available in the US. Getting advertising sponsored by broadcasts and companies all over the world will undoubtedly reach the US as well since the US is the largest importer of programming in the world. 

These skills will follow me everywhere I go in the media world, and with them I will be able to continually enrich myself with the opportunities that I will have available to me from utilizing these skills.