Jennifer Jordan

I’m a freshman Documentary Studies and Production major with an undeclared Comparative Literature minor. I hail from the South; I was born and raised in Texas and lived in Oklahoma for the past two years.


Although my major is focused on the art of documentary filmmaking, I aspire to have a versatile job within the film industry: Film editor. My last two years of high school I devoted much of my time to my film class. I found editing to be the toughest, longest, and yet one of the most gratifying aspects while creating short documentaries. My determination to become a part of filmmaking is largely thanks to the time I spent with the YoungArts program. As a finalist and then Gold winner, I spent two weeks during my senior year of high school (one in Miami and the other in New York) making films with other incredibly talented artists of various art forms and working with professionals in the film industry. YoungArts is by far the most rewarding and inspiring experiences I have ever had in terms of my future career; it gave me the validation I needed that I belong in the cinematic arts as well as put me in contact with other filmmakers my age who I am sure I will work with at some point in the future. Currently, I am trying to gain more experience making films—especially editing—as a part of Park Productions.


As a communications student with an understanding of the competitive nature of the film industry, I know that it is imperative for me to use ever-growing social media outlets—such as YouTube and Twitter—to promote my films and myself. Social media can be a useful avenue to hype a project I want to work on and raise funds to make a cinematic vision a reality. Additionally, my developing knowledge of social media will help me with networking with other film professionals by keeping me in contact with those that I meet. With the divide between communications and business decreasing, most employers want to hire people with knowledge of social technology in order to be more effective at targeting their intended audience. Also, this strategy can be used to gain an idea of public response to a film, helping filmmakers—whether studio or independent—determine how to make their films. During my time here at IC, I hope to become more proficient in social media technology in order to help my career.