Laying in front of a marimba

Jonathan Keefner is a music educator and performer with a specialty in percussion. Through his work at Ithaca College with Gordon Stout, Conrad Alexander, and the rest of the Ithaca College faculty, Jonathan is well versed in all aspects of percussion. With a strong marimba background from Gordon Stout, orchestral training from Conrad Alexander, and world percussion from Denise Nuttall and Baruch Whitehead, Jonathan has experienced and learned from some of the best educators and performers in the world. This background qualifies him to play in any kind of musical environment, with any number of instruments from Tabla, to marimba, to steel pan. Within the past 5 years, Jonathan has played in upper level orchestras and percussion ensembles through Empire State Youth Orchestra and Ithaca College, Jazz bands and combos, steel bands, and many performing chamber ensembles. As an educator, Jonathan has worked with students from all kinds of backgrounds from urban public schools, to rural country schools, to wealthy suburban schools. He has also been a clinician as a percussion specialist in various schools across new york state, teaching fundamental to advanced percussion methods to grades 5-12.