Jessie Kelly

Hi, my name is Jessica Kelly and I am currently a sophomore at Ithaca College. I am majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications, with a minor in Scriptwriting. Throughout my learnings so far in my freshman year at Penn State, and now my sophomore year at Ithaca College, I have learned many ideas, and come up with goals and philosophies that are important to me. 

 Philosophy-- The most important thing that a student can do is take full advantage of the resources given to them. At Ithaca College, the amount of resources available are incredible, from the wide array of alumni, to the immense pool of internships to take advantage of. Taking advantage of these great opportunities are they key to success.

Skills--Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, Case Studies, Proposals, Business Law, Communication, Leadership, Organization

Interests-- Entertainment, Communications, Media, Sports, Acting

Talents-- Communication, Acting, Computers

Experiences-- Intern at Dynasty Models and Talent (Boston) where I had to communicate with clients, organize the office, and work closely with employees. I have had experiences at two clothing stores where I have been involved with creating good customer service and working with computers. 

Academic / Professional Goals-- Work in the field of entertainment, preferably in some sort of casting position. I hope to be living in Los Angeles. 

5 Things I Have Learned in SPARK!

-With the internet becoming easier and easier for the public to write about public opinion, people have been creating blogs and writing their own opinions as a means of media. Certain news sources are allowing the public to comment on, and vote on, different aspects of their news sources. This ability for the public to comment on what is going on in the world gives the public a more important role in the media, and what others see and take in. 

-Globalization is an idea that has become increasingly possible through the advance in technology. Countries are now able to communicate easily with one another through things like skype, and video conferencing.

-Communication in different countries is something that needs to be seriously considered. Norms and traditions are different in different countries, so it is important to be able to understand different cultures and what is accepted in those cultures to be able to effectively communicate with them.

-The media is important to the public because it acts as a sort of watch dog. It looks after the government and reports on the doings in the government. Without media, the public would be left in the dark about the things going on in the government and higher agencies. Media help us to have an idea of what is going on, and make sure that nothing horrible is occurring, and if it is, gives us the ability to fix it.

-User-driven media is on the rise, and because of the increase in demand, different companies have started to charge for their resources that were once free. Sites like Netflix, Skype, and many others have started to charge for their sites. They have capitalized on the want of the public and began to charge for what once was free.