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Hello, my name is Jillian Koehnken and I am currently a Freshman Theatre Arts Management Major at Ithaca College, class of 2016.

As my Freshman year is coming to a close, I keep thinking how blessed I am to be in this program. This program is one of the top in the country and the people and connections I am making is unreal. Everyone is so nice and professional and I am starting to feel like the department is becoming one big family. I have learned so much in my interesting classes, from my professors, peers and hands on experience and I look forward to coming back and continuing for another 3 years. I am proud to say that what I have learned in the last couple of months has helped me get a paid Summer Internship at Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven, NJ as an Arts Administration Intern. As an intern there, I will be working alongside the Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director as part of their team. I will attend private meetings and do things in all areas of theatre management including Front of House, Producing, Concessions, Ticketing, Grants and Contracts. I look forward to this internship and the people and connections I will make. I hope to learn a lot at Surflight that I can apply back to my studies at Ithaca College. I look forward to continuing in this program and growing as a TAM.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime by email at, JNKoehnken@aol.com!