Host of Senior Choice Awards

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.

                          -Francis Bacon 

Hello, and welcome to my E-Portfolio! 

     My name is Jake Korinko and I am from West Milford, New Jersey. I am currently a Television/Radio major here at Roy H. Park School of Communications concentrating in Media Production. I plan to minor in Documentary Studies my sophomore year and I expect myself to be graduating in the Spring of 2015.

     Right now I have two dream jobs in my vision, which might alter given the constant change in media and technology. I grew up around sports all my life and my favorite sports team is the New York Yankees. One of my aspirations is to work with the Yankees on their editing or filming staff. I enjoy editing very much and being able to work with professional in-game footage would just be an amazing experience and a possible career. My second aspiration is to work on the filming/editing staff of a mini-documentary series, such as Beyond Scared Straight, Deadliest Catch, etc., or a field post-produced television series such as, Dexter, The Following, Under the Dome, True Detective, etc. I have always been fascinated by how those types of shows are put together and I would love to have the chance to take on a challenge and become part of one of their crews. Not only would these job opportunities allow for phenomenal experience, but they would also open up the ability for me to travel which I would love because I love experiencing media and technology from other parts of the country or even across the globe.

Thank you for visiting!