Hi, My name is Joel Mastrantuono and Im a eager Freshman TVR major at Ithaca College. I come from Endwell NY, which is a small suburb off of Binghamton NY. I have no definite decision for my future just yet but I do know what Im good at and what Im interested in. I do enjoy public events such as sporting event, I also am talented at audio and video production. Many of my family members have been involved in the communications industry my dad works for the Press And Sun Bullitin as a graphic artist and my uncle works for WATS radio in Sayre PA.

 I realize that the media industry is constantly changing and that I need to learn to adapt to those changes. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter is rapidly changing the way people interact and view content. Due to such changes the industry is becoming very competitive and that it takes more than just good content to be noticed, content must be bundled with exposure (getting content to the audience) for it to truly be noticed. This is why social media is the new frontier for media outlets, since its a popular and new medium in which to connect to an audience. Part of this process is how content relates to the audience, this is the main reason for the popularity of network sites like Facebook and twitter since the content is built around the audience. These are the ideas one needs to keep in mind when working the communications industry. Moving on from social sites is the way people access such sites, mobile devices are now powerful and cheap enough that they are becoming the a more main stream way of accessing the media that is being portraid. New devices are allowing anybody to access content as well as upload content, sites like Youtube are benefitting from mobile devices such as Iphones and Ipads including android devices that enable quality content to be produced and uploaded from anywhere. These are the current changes in the media industry, Social Media, connection to the audience, the changing demographic of that audience, how content is access and how easily it is to publish such content. All of theses are issues and trends that are shaping the media industry in which we live, and its up to me to realize the direction of these trends and how they will effect the masses.