Welcome to my e-portfolio! My name is Jena Pollock and I am currently a freshman majoring in Communications Management and Design at the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. I am planning on graduating in the spring of 2015.

I grew up in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, and during my time there I took many art and design classes, as well as playing soccer, and helping put together the yearbook my senior year. I worked hard and took every chance I could to challenge myself.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by music and how it speaks to me differently than many people that I know. I listen to the lyrics and many times put together an entire music video of the song in my head. Since I didn’t want to be a performer, I decided I would rather be the person working behind the scenes. To do that, communications seemed the best path to take. I find music to be the best way to communicate to other people because no matter what language its in, just by the rhythm, pace, tone, and combination and types of instruments used, anyone can get a general idea of what the artist is trying to say through their music. It would be a dream come true if I had the opportunity to be a part of getting that message across.

As a freshman in the Park School, I was required to take a class called S’Park where we discussed today’s media and it’s impact on our society today and within the next few years.

The information and knowledge I've acquired in my first semester here at Ithaca College has made me more aware of social media and just how huge it is in our society. Facebook and Twitter are the top social media networks that people use on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. Today's newspapers and magazines don't have the same effect they did ten, even five, years ago. Now instead of finding out a week or month later about an event happening on the other side of the world, people now have access to technology that allows them to find out within twenty-four hours. People can do this because of all of the technological resources that are extremely easy to access. This new wave of media has caused information to come and go much faster than it did just a couple years ago. Everyday there is something new out there to help us get our information faster and easier. But being able to keep up with all of the new media coming into our society is the hardest part but something that everyone has to do eventually if they want to stay updated.

For my future, I hope to see myself working in communications, but also with music. Working on a record label booking and managing events such as concerts or being a part of organizing a music video would probably be the best idea of what I would love to do with my communications degree. There will always be music, and that means there will always be concerts and shows to organize. Therefore I feel that this industry will have many open doors for me and the specific path I want to take.


Thank you very much for reading my e-portfolio!