My Senior Year Book Photo

Hello my name is Jordan Riley and I am Cinema & Photography Major, with a Screenwriting Concentration. I came here to Ithaca College with a major love of movies and television ever since my childhood. One of my main goals at Ithaca College involves becoming a well-accomplished filmmaker and storyteller. In my academic career thus far I have created a small amount of short films, yet I seek to create more as well as develop a larger amount of screenplays after my current semester. In an era where film concepts such as drugs, violence and sex are common threads among films, I wish to challenge those current conventions that exist now by making projects that don’t go that route. By using the many film techniques I am learning here at Ithaca College in terms of writing as well as directing I seek to make a brand of films that all will enjoy, from the regular couple catching a Friday night movie to the intellectual looking for something to challenge modern conventions or pay homage to the classics and days gone by. The time spent in my previous courses has influenced some of my more recent work in my field of screenwriting as well as film production.