Jessica Robbins


My name is Jessica Robbins, I am graduating from Ithaca College with a B.S. in Health Sciences with a  Premedical emphasis. When I was in kindergarten, I told my mother that I wanted to be a dentist and help people smile. I had extremely positive experiences with my own dentist and looked up to her greatly. Now, seventeen years later my goal of being a dentist has not changed. Before and during college I have taken advantage of many opportunities to learn all I can about the dental field. Throughout high school I worked in a pediatric dental office for five years and was immersed in the day to day of a private practice setting. While applying to colleges, my experience at Marblehead Smiles helped me choose with confidence the right major for me: Health Sciences. 

During my time at Ithaca College I have taken all the prerequisite science courses for dental school. I started my college career with Anatomy and Physiology as well as a year of Fundamentals of Biology. I moved on through Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry and Microbiology. I completed two internships at two different dental practices in Ithaca during my junior and senior years. During my time at the Ithaca Dental Office and Fall Creek Family Dentistry, I observed procedures and was able to assist the dentist on multiple occasions. I was given responsibilities of a dentist and was able to see how successful offices are run. I was able to visualize myself as a professional working in the medical field. Through my extensive experience working with skilled medical professionals, I have gained important knowledge in dental practices, how to provide health care in a community and how a medical practice becomes successful. 

Health is a word that I hear numerous times attending college in this major. My teachers center classes, projects, and essays around health; I am fully immersed in the field. The health field, occupations in health, and current issues in health are constantly on my mind at all times. After my first semester as a Health Sciences major I knew I was on the right path to becoming a health professional.

In this portfolio I have included information about myself as well as important standards that my major has required I fulfill. Included with each of these standards I have provided examples of work I have completed during my time at Ithaca College. These standards are extremely important and having experience in each I know I will be successful in the health field.