A picture of me in front of a California beach

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself" -Amelia Earhart

Welcome to my e-portfolio!  My name is Jessica Shikami, and I am currently a freshman Television-Radio major with an Art History minor.  I am originally from the Chicago area, though I have been enjoying my time in Upstate New York!  I am an adventure-seeker, and I love trying new things, meeting new people, and seeing new places.  So far at Ithaca College, I am a DJ on VIC Radio, an indie/alternative online radio station, and a production assistant on "The Screening Room," a movie review talk show.  These new experiences have been very rewarding, and they have ensured me that I am in the field that I should be.  

I am Japanese and Thai, and I have enjoyed visiting my mom's side of the family in Thailand every few years.  My family and I have also traveled to Japan, France, and other countries.  Traveling has become a passion of mine, which I would like to incorporate into a career in international and cultural media reporting.  While I find American pop culture fascinating and thoroughly entertaining, I want to expose people to the pop culture and ways of life of people in other countries.  When I am visiting a new destination, I am always excited to see how the local people dress, what their pop stars look like, and what type of music they listen to.  I hope that my concentration in media production will allow me to produce high quality and visionary TV programming behind the camera, while also being able to be in front of it. 

As social media and media in general continue to grow and expand, the barrier and borders between countries seem to become less relevant.  The job market is becoming more and more competitive, as now many people must compete not only with people from their country, but people across the world.  In order for Americans to stay competitive in the job market, I believe that it's important to have a cultural perspective and understanding.  Instead of looking at the job market as a place where foreign people are taking American jobs, it can be viewed as a place of wide opportunity where media has made a person's location or "home base" irrelevant.  With the use of Skype, Gmail, and other media, a person can work for a company across the world.  An important and necessary part of being successful in this industry is networking.  Making connections and utilizing them to your advantage is key.  You never know when a connection will lead to a job or career.  With that note, it's also important to always be dedicated and hard working, even in positions that may not seem that important.  I'm sure that I will have to do tasks that are not very exciting as an intern or in other positions, but I will make sure that I do these tasks well with the hopes of being given more responsibility in the future.  It is all about looking ahead while striving for the best.      

As this globalization of technology and media can provide benefits and challenges in our careers, it also affects us in our everyday lives.  Media is pervasive.  Even though we may not think that media affects our thoughts, it does.  Through media, we have the power to be influential and to change the mindset of many people.  One of the reasons that I want to be a media reporter and producer is to help eliminate cultural ignorance and promote cultural acceptance and curiosity.    

In my time at Ithaca College, I hope to continue gaining experience and contacts for my career in TV broadcasting and production.  I also want to continue traveling, perhaps through interning in Los Angeles or London, or both.  The world of media is unpredictable and constantly changing.  While this is a bit scary, it is also incredibly exciting.  Innovation and creativity are now being valued more and more.  The leaders and innovators of the world will be people who can take their novel ideas and turn them into a reality.  I am excited for the future and the challenges and opportunities that I will face in the world of media.            

Please feel free to browse my page and contact me:

Email: jshikam1@ithaca.edu

Twitter: @jshikster