That's me, Jake Sperling

I got my first camera when I was only nine years old.  I spent almost every day of my childhood using it at ever chance I had, and although I never want to show anyone those old movies I made (Talk about embarrassing), making them did help me find something out about myself.  I found my passion; making movies.  For this reason I am majoring in Cinema and Photography at Ithaca College.

The career that I would very much like to have is a film director, with movies ranging anywhere from documentary to narrative.  My chances of becoming a director for any sort of major movie company is pretty slim, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still make independent films.  The number one thing I can take away from my experiences so far at Ithaca College is that really you can do anything you want.  I saw a presentation from an IC alum who made a documentary with a friend from high school that was financed by them and donations by people who wanted to see this movie made.  This really gives me hope.

            I also know that to be successful I have to be open to new ideas, and different ways of thinking.  Media is financed a lot by marketing, and so I know that I will have to change some of the things that I am doing in order to keep up with what the media analysts are saying.

Something else I know now is that America isn’t the only country with media and entertainment; in fact there are many opportunities for someone with my interests.  Because of this I am taking German classes and am planning to minor in that same field.

I am also going to need to keep up with ways of distributing the films that I intend to make.  If I cannot get any sort of corporate backing then I learned that is not my only option.  In recent history a little thing called the Internet has taken the world by storm, and along with this ways of showing people my creations have changed.  Youtube comes to mind when thinking of video outlets online.  Here I can show the whole world what I make, and due to it’s recent monetization option I could even make some money.

Social Networking sites have also been rising in popularity, Facebook being the heavy hitter, with 640 million registered users.  I can use this to my advantage with my future in communications, what is an easier way to connect with the people who I want watching my movie.

All of these lessons I have learned are helping me to prepare for a future in communications, but I am just scratching the surface.  I plan to continue my communication education and one day have a career in it!