My name is John Thievon, and I am a freshman Physical Therapy major at Ithaca College. I took an anatomy and physiology course in my senior year of high school and immediately fell in love with the anatomy of the human body. I have been a workout enthusiast for years, so it is no surprise that I became particularly interested in learning about the function and movement of the different joints and muscle groups. My interest in the human body led me to volunteer at a local physical therapy clinic in Northern New Jersey. I originally planned on volunteering for only two hours a week; as my interest grew, I volunteered five to six hours a week for the entire month of November. The only physical labor I performed was getting ice/heating pads for physical therapists to put on the patients, although I was able to observe the physical therapists and the way they handled their patients. I was impressed by one of the physical therapists in particular who not only demonstrated his knowledge of the human body, but was able to motivate his patients to get through the exercise. Volunteering at the Physical Therapy clinic was an important experience in my life and helped me realize what career I want to pursue.