Hello Everyone!

My name is Jamie Tritschler and I am a Television-Radio major at the Roy H. Park School of Communication at Ithaca College. I am also a writing minor. My skills and passions for the industry focus mainly around producing and preproduction, but are not limited to such. I am also proficient in the production, and postproduction aspect of the industry. My long term career goal is to produce a top rated network television show, either talk show or sports related. 


For the past three years at Ithaca College I have gained much of my television experience and knowledge through working on many ICTV programs such as Sports Final and Big Red Faceoff. I also had the opportunity to produce '97, which overall was a great learning experience. 

In addition to my time at ICTV, I have worked as a contributing writer for Imprint Magazine. Imprint is an online, student run magazine at Ithaca College. I also have six years of screenwriting experience and have recently began writing a potential feature length film. I am proficient in Final Draft.  

I will begin the first half of my final year at Ithaca College enrolled in the Los Angeles Study Abroad Program. For the fall semester I will be working as an intern in Los Angeles. Through this I hope to refine my skills as a aspiring producer and gain the skills necessary to be successful in the industry. I am very excited to be working alongside those who are more experienced, and hope to learn as much as I can during my time in Los Angeles. 


I am very determined to become a successful producer in the television industry. I am a good listener, extremely organized, career driven, and learn very quickly. 


If you are interested in contacting me I can be reached at jamietritschler@gmail.com. 



Jamie Tritschler