Formal night on cruise.

Welcome to my ePortfolio! I am a Television/Radio major, and I expect to graduate in the fall of 2015 or the spring of 2016. 


I'm pretty excited about all the opportunities that I'll get throughout my years here. I'm really looking forward to life after college. I'm really into the directing side of TV and I'd like to eventually get a job doing that. For the near future though, that is, right after college, all I can do is take what I can get really. I'm also really into my hobbies such as figure skating and traveling. Though I wouldn't want to travel in my job, I do want to get a chance to go to NYC and the Olympics with Park. So, in conclusion, I want to direct a TV show and still be able to pursue my talents like figure skating and my hobbies like traveling.


I think that my experiences working on projects and working at internships will help me gain the skills and knowledge I need to reach my goal of getting a good job. I also think that general experiences through college will help me grow as a person, another goal I have. I think I need to keep an open mind and participate in many activities. I also think I need to try hard in class and be happy with whatever I get. I hope I can keep these goals and achieve them.