Kathryn Beaule


"It doesn't matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go". - Bob Proctor

This quote by Bob Proctor expresses my hope for Ithaca College in a broad yet completely accurate way. As a student in the Park School of Communications, I understand that it will take originality and dedication to reach the maximum potential that my college education can provide for me. As I continue on through these next four years, I would like to take advantage of the opportunities that lie in front of me by getting involved in clubs, internships, and study abroad. I am particularly interested in doing a semester in L.A. because I feel that taking courses in the city will allow me to get a unique hands on experience that broadens my scope of intellect. I would also like to study abroad in London so that I can become globalized and learn how to advertise to various audiences. 

As a Communication Management and Design major, I am eager to obtain the tools that are needed to become a creative and informative advertiser. I have always had a passion to put my creativity into a concrete form and I have considered myself a people-person ever since I was young. Thus, I am excited to learn the technicalities of advertising and I look forward to working on a communications team because, as I have learned in Spark, it takes various forms of communications to make a business work successfully. At the Park School, I hope to gain various skills such as Photoshop knowledge and marketing awareness because I want to be as well rounded in my major as I can. I dream of being an advertiser for a major company, such as the Boston Celtics, and guiding them in their marketing campaigns. Although my dream would be to work with a sports company, Peter Einstein taught our Spark class that life will take you on various courses that you may not preconceive. For example, he never would have guessed that he would be the person to launch MTV abroad in Europe but this is an experience that shaped the rest of his life. Thus, as a student eager to learn, it is important for me to remain open to new experiences and opportunities because they may lead me down a wonderful career path that I never could have foreseen.

Starting off as a freshman, I am already excited to involve myself in internships because I know that internships will provide tangible experiences that will better my chances for future jobs. The professional experience that internships will provide me is also vital because it will allow me to put my book knowledge into action. It will help me sort out what interests me the most in the work force and what I want to involve myself in for the future. This process of seeking out my true passion is something that I am very interested in because I know that in order to be exceptional at something, you first have to love it. As Bill D'Elias said during one of our Skype sessions during Spark, you should never wake up unmotivated in the morning if your doing something you love. Therefore I would like to take advantage of my Ithaca College education in every way possible so that I am confident in chasing after my dreams and aware of what I have to do to reach them. I know that I have much to offer in this advertising world and as Bob Proctor said, I am nowhere compared to where my skill can take me.