Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio.  My name is Karissa Breuer, I currently attend Ithaca College, and I am expecting to graduate in the class of 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film, Photography and Visual Arts.

With a background in drawing and painting, I have always gravitated towards the visual arts. I spent my first year of college at SUNY New Paltz where I took a number of fine arts courses until determining that I was more interested in pursuing a career in filmmaking. After transferring I have been at Ithaca College, enjoying the vibrant town environment and taking in all that this school has to offer before I graduate.  I have contributed to publications like Buzzsaw Magazine as a visual artist, The Ithacan as a writer, attended weekly meetings for clubs like the IC Environmental Society and OCTA, an on campus organization for Cinematographers, Technicians, and assistants. I have also worked on numerous student films on my free time, some of which have been submitted to nation-wide festivals. From what I have found, expression through film expands beyond the confinements of what two dimensional art is limited to, but it is still beneficial to apply my knowledge of the visual arts and photography into what I might currently be working on. Filmmaking is one of the most powerful means of expressing a message or telling a story, and I aim to utilize some of the possibilities it offers by incorporating what I have learned in my college career thus far.

From what I have experienced and observed, the world of communications is an ever changing and competitive field to get into, meaning you must be adaptable.  I believe that I have established a solid basis of knowledge in this area, but I aspire to learn as much as I can about different facets of this industry. You must be able to market yourself, therefore it is crucial to know a different range of skills and be able to apply them to different situations, because you never know what you might end up doing. As we are living in the information age, it is almost unavoidable to be familiar and connected with technology, which is why I have been developing a proficiency in web and graphic design skills with programs such as Avid, Photoshop, and InDesign, an interest for blogging, and a familiarity with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  My goal is to become as marketable, adaptable, and business savvy as I can while still maintaining and utilizing my creativity.  I strive to keep an open mind to all opportunities that might arise, and I am confident that I will have the skills to take on whatever challenges come my way towards achieving my goals and becoming involved in the film industry.