Kylie M. Burnside

Ithaca College Class of 2010  ♦  Roy H. Park School of Communications  ♦  Communication Management and Design

I am a senior Communication Management and Design (CMD) student at Ithaca College with a minor in Women's Studies.  My undergraduate coursework has been broad, which allows students to apply it to a number of fields and truly customize it to individual desires, goals, and interests.  The CMD department and professors create open-discussion environments and each class schedule is heavy with group projects; teamwork has become second-nature and expected, which is useful preparation for working in communications, which strongly relies on team dynamics to finish projects effeciently and on time. In addition to my education in the classroom, my on-campus employment and extracurriculars is where I've learned the most through hands on interaction throughout my time at Ithaca College.  

After studying abroad in Australia during my sophomore year fall semester, I began working for the Office of Student Engagement which is the umbrella organization for the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and the Office of New Student Programs.  For three semesters and a summer, in my role as a Student Leadership Consultant I spearheaded a number of campus-wide projects and initiatives, acting as a para-professional to full time staff at Ithaca College.  Through this position I became a better communicator, delved into designing programs flyers, t-shirts, and bulletin boards, coordinated and presented workplace and leadership training for my coworkers and peers, while also increasing experience in event planning. 

Throughout my college experience I have participated in a number of different organization's activities, but there are a few I became truly dedicated to and put more focus on in my last two years in college.  Serving as an entertainment co-chair for Colleges Against Cancer and Relay for Life opened a lot of doors, allowing me to work with the American Cancer Society on the divisional-level.  It also allowed me to attend the 2008 National Relay for Life Conference held in Indianapolis, IN. 

One commitment I have all four years at IC is Leadership Scholars.  Unlike some other scholarships on campus that have been awarded for high school performance, the Leadership Scholars program is one that additional requirements must be upheld every semester in order to keep.  Through this program I have attended the Student Leadership Institute, earning a "Leading Self"certificate, and I've been to Leadership Weekend, a college-leadership retreat, both as a participant and a group leader.  Through my job as a Student Leadership Consultant, I took on a special role of Leadership Scholar Manager, which allowed me to present material to fellow scholars, help run meetings, coordinate a mentor program, and plan a year-end banquet dinner for 150+ Leadership Scholars. 

In addition to Colleges Against Cancer and Leadership Scholars, I've done a lot of work with the Senior Class.  As a junior I was recruited to be a co-chair for the 2009 Senior Week.  This position truly gave me a whole new appreciation for event management.  In this role, I've improved my time management skills, artist/venue contracting knowledge, creativity, budgeting skills, and my volunteer management experience.  Working with a small team, we were able to successfully pull off an entire week of events for seniors to enjoy prior to graduation in 2009 and are now working on planning our own Senior Week 2010. 

The newest and most challenging position I have been elected to is the 2010 Senior Class President.  In this role I oversee a 28 person cabinet and lead my class over over 1,550 throughout our final year at Ithaca College.  Together, the cabinet and executive board plans events and raises funds to encourage senior participation and class unity.  Throughout the year my role will expand into multiple dimensions, giving me experiences and skills that will easily transfer into the working work.  One of the biggest highlights of my role as Class President is giving a speech at Commencement.  I am truly honored to have the chance to leave my classmates with some of the last words they will hear as a student at IC. 

After Commencement in May 2010, I plan to move to Southern California to begin my career in public relations, human resources, and/or event planning.  In the future I'd like to become a performance consultant, helping businesses and organizations improve, especially with internal communication issues, such as employee relations.  After establishing myself in the professional world, I'd like to return to graduate school to become a professor, allowing me to pass my knowledge and workplace experience on to a younger generation. 

If you would like to get in touch with me for any reason, please e-mail me at