My name is Kimberly Capehart and I am a Documentary Studies and Production major at Ithaca College. Though I am only a freshman, I hope to get very involved throughout my four years here by joining different clubs and activities pertaining to my interests in cinema. As of now, I am hoping to eventually minor in Environmental Studies as I ultimately see myself with a career somewhere in the field of Environmental Documentary;  I'm interested in exploring and learning about different environments and habitats and giving other people the chance to do the same thing through the view of my camera lens. I've got a long way to go before I'm actually there, but I've got hope that I can make it a reality. However, before I am there, there are many things that I need to learn. Unlike an aspiring chemist, or an English major, documentary filmmaking is an entirely new field of study, one that most people don't receive a background in in high school. So there's the obvious things that I need to learn, like how to operate a camera, and how to produce films, and how to form arguments, and how to tell stories, all of the academic things that are important for me to learn. But there's also the things that can't necessarily be taught in a classroom, like how to work cooperatively with others in the filmmaking process, how to survive in the unexpected world of the film industry, how and where to make connections, etc. In essence, there's so much that I need to learn, that I feel I will be learning far after I've graduated from Ithaca College. Learning is not all that it will take to get me to where I would like to be. There is also the aspect of actually getting out and doing certain things. In order to help me reach my goals, there are several things that I must do. First and foremost, I believe joining clubs and other activities that are relevant to my interests, especially my cinematic ones, is important. By joining other students in the pursuit of exploring shared interests, I will be able to make connections and also explore things in greater depth and from a unique, out-of-the-classroom point of view. Another thing that I consider very important is internships. Before I leave Ithaca, I would like to have a few internships to acquaint myself with the "real world" of my chosen work. Interning will give me valuable experience and will teach me new things. Other experiences that are already occurring are my classes, that I enjoy very much, and the day-to-day interactions with other students in the Park school. I consider myself very lucky to be in such a renowned communications school and to be able to interact with the people with whom I do. There's a lot I need to do that will help me throughout the next four years and beyond.