Hello world, my name is Kait Clarke and I am from the beautiful but misunderstood Jersey Shore. I am currently a freshman at Ithaca College studying journalism with a minor in nutrition. My passion for journalism first stemmed from my love of writing, but as I gained experience in the field I developed a commitment to the truth- a virtue that every journalist must have in order to fulfill their job. My dream job would be working within the magazine medium, preferably using my interests in nutrition and fashion once I've made it into the media industry. Though this is my dream, there are little opportunities in the media field that I wouldn't be interested in trying. One of my passions that I fully plan on using in the field of journalism is photography, which I would love to incorporate into my work. I believe with these interests I can offer a unique edge in the media world with both journalism and photojournalist skills. Though I have some experience from my high school years, there are many skills I need to expand on in order to fulfill my dream of being a journalist. Currently, I am learning the fundamental's to journalism in my introduction to journalism class. These basics of journalism, including the ethics, are the true skills that a journalist must achieve before immersing themselves into the field. From there, though many skills are to be expanded upon in classes, I believe the best way to learn to be a journalist is to immerse myself into the field, as experience never fails to add to once knowledge immensely. I will start my professional experience in the field with working in the fields available on campus, such as The Ithacan and Buzzsaw magazine. From here, once I am confident in my skills, I will look for internships that will enrich my knowledge of journalism, add to my experience, and hopefully make worthwhile connections that I can use when I am looking for a real job after I graduate in the spring of 2016. Also, I plan on studying abroad at least once while I am at Ithaca in order to gain a more worldly understanding of media and what it means to be a journalist anywhere. 

In my time spent in the 'Spark' class at the Park School of Communication's, I've learned many skills and tips for entering and staying within the media field. In the first session, Bill D'Elia skype session both impressed and inspired me to really get the ball rolling in my involvement on campus in order to help em achieve big and better things once I enter the media field outside of college. His track record alone is proof that working hard can get you what you want. One thing I've noticed the vital importance of is connections. "It's all about connections" was mentioned in some form or variation throughout all of the Spark sessions and was clearly demonstrated by each person we skyped with as they told their own stories of how a connection led to a new world of opportunities. Peter Einstein's story of how working for a small but growing media company entitled MTV showed how taking a risk and working for a smaller company can have some serious, life-changing advantages. The most influential knowledge I gained from Spark was the introduction to the independent media field. I never realized how much the bigger media companies were dependent upon and controlled/censored by the government's dollar until the guest speaker and professor John Cohen talked about his experience during 9/11 times and his book. I never considered entering the independent news media until he spoke on it. Now, I would much rather be able to say what the real truth is and not be censored working for an independent media outlet rather than having the brand name of "The New York Times" or such popular news agencies, though I am not ruling it out of my options. Spark also opened my eyes to the global media available at our finger tips and highlighted the biggest multimedia news agencies of today. This will definitely be beneficial throughout my future endeavors as I may take this information and apply for an internship or a job one day in order to ensure my emergence into the media world. Though there are many very important lessons Spark has taught me, I believe these were the most influential and persuasive to myself as a journalism major.