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Kaitlyn Connolly, a sophomore at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications is a television and radio major hoping to minor in marketing. After graduation Kaitlyn plans to be a media researcher. Kaitlyn expects to graduate in the Spring of 2015. A full resume can be found under the documents section of this e-portfolio. 

As a newscaster for both of Ithaca's radio stations, WICB and VIC, Kaitlyn has reported about various stories on the local, national and international level. In addition to her written portion of the newscast, she has the ability to integrate soundbites from mini-disks in her broadcast. An assortment of her radio newscasts can be found under the document section of this e-portfolio.  

Kaitlyn continues to demonstrate her responsibility by working for career services at Ithaca College. As a student assistant, she is responsible for helping the professionals on duty with various tasks. In addition she is accountable for making appointment, answering phones and planning workshops and events for career services.  

During the Summer of 2012, Kaitlyn Interned at Cumulus Broadcasting of Danbury. Cumulus Broadcasting is America's second largest owner of radio stations and premier local marketing company in 68 cities across the US. Kaitlyn worked directly with ESPN Radio, a local country station 105.5, and a local rock and roll station 95.1. Throughout the week she worked events for the three stations. At the events she had to interact with fans of all ages and assist DJs with their live reports. In addition to working events, she was also an office assistant for the Marketing & Promotions Director.  

Born and raised in Newtown, CT., Kaitlyn attended Newtown High School, where she found her passion for news as the news editor on the school paper. During her time with the school's newspaper, The Hawkeye, she reported on events of the school. She also mentored staff writers on their own articles. In addition, she knows the basics for laying out pages using Adobe InDeign and the process of PDFing. She also worked on editing photos in Adobe Photoshop. Kaitlyn served on the varsity track and field, cross country and soccer teams all four years in high school. Kaitlyn speaks proficient Spanish as a result of her studies at the high school and college level. In addition, she also knows basic French. 

To see some of her Field Production work please check out her YouTube channel at the link below.

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