My name is Katrina Fedczuk.  Born and raised in Rochester, New York, I grew up with a passion for reporting.  As a young child, I produced my own “Fedczuk Family” newspaper and a radio news show. I carried around a voice recorder and interviewed my family constantly, taking extreme pleasure in the reporting that I was doing and continuously aspiring to be like the broadcasters I watched on television with my parents. Now, as a freshman at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications, I am making my dreams a reality and pursuing a career in broadcast journalism.  With a dual major in Journalism and Politics, I plan to become a political news journalist.

After just one semester at Ithaca College, I have gained so much knowledge about the field I intend to enter.  All of my professors and those who I have been introduced to through the s’Park: Igniting Your Future in Communications class have shared valuable lessons passed on incredible knowledge of the industry.  I have taken several politics classes, which are helping me further understand the topics on which I will one day be reporting about.  The Introduction to Journalism course has given me valuable knowledge in reporting.  I have learned how to draw the most important pieces from a story and put them together in a complete, comprehensive article.  I have learned new interviewing skills and techniques to ensure effectiveness. 

 I hope to study in Washington D.C. and gain experience in the political epicenter of our country – a city in which I may one day find myself living and working!  I would also love to study abroad in London.  One thing that the s'Park class has placed great emphasis on is the fact that media transcends countries and there is a chance that I will be working in the international market.  I would love to find internships both in London and in Washington D.C. because the hands on education would be invaluable.  I would love to jump straight into working on the political scene!

I believe that by acquiring a background in politics will make me very marketable, something that the s'Park: Igniting Your Future in Communications Class has taught me.  Knowing more about various subjects will allow me to accurately provide information, a critical ability in journalism.

Social media has exploded in the media world.  I have heard numerous s’Park guest speakers share their stories on the power of social media.  Because of this, I have made myself available on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  I use these sites to network, find news and put myself in the world, knowing that one day, an employer could find me as easily as I could find a Facebook “friend.”

 Sometimes, it is hard to believe that what I once did as a fun game will soon be my career.  I know that political journalism is where I am meant to be.  I am outgoing and determined, two skills that I think will be imperative in pursuing this career.  S’Park has brought in so many IC alum who share a common story – work hard and follow your passion.  My studies through the Park School are allowing me to do just that and I am very excited to continue my education at such an incredible school.  I strive to see the young girl with voice recorder become a successful journalist!


"I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world."  -  Henry R. Luce