Photo of Me

My name is Kelly Fishback and I am from Rochester, NY. I graduated from Webster Schroeder High School in 2011 and plan to graduate from the Ithaca College Park School of Communications in the Spring of 2015.

I currently am interested in the advertising and marketing side of business. Flipping through magazines, I find myself picking apart the ads and trying to figure out what the underlying message is. Here at Ithaca College, I hope to explore all aspects of marketing and advertising while also learning about the business side as well. Ideally, I would love to do advertisements for fashion companies because I always find fashion advertising to be the most interesting. Fashion has always been a passion of mine, and I would love to incorporate my passions into my future career.

I plan on studying at the New York City campus during the fall of my junior year to take advantage of all that Ithaca College has to offer me! With the NYC program, I would be able to make connections with big companies in the city. I am hoping to make connections while in New York at an advertising agency/fashion magazine that I could intern at some point. Networking is beneficial when searching for jobs because of the connections that people can give you. Giving my best effort in internships will be crucial in helping me make connections with people inside that company that will then help me for networking purposes in the future. 

It is important that I get a good sense of the world and its globalization through media and advertising. While some slogans may sound good in English, they may sound awkward in another. I plan on furthering my studies in Spanish during my four years here at Ithaca College and possibly studying abroad in another country to further my knowledge of the world. If I plan on going into the advertising field, it is very important that I know how ads will come across in different companies if I plan on working for a big company. 

Technology is always changing, and in the communications field, it is crucial that I stay on top of the advances in technology so that I am able to research and decide which media outlet will be the most effective way to communicate a message to customers. It is also important that I have a broad skill set so that I am able to adapt to any situation that my future job or internship throws at me. 

Social media sites are also very important in the communications world. This year, Facebook has gotten more "hits" than Google has, proving that advertising through social medias such as Facebook or Twitter helps reach a larger (while also narrower) audience than just putting an advertisement on a search engine.

I am looking forward to my studies at Ithaca and furthering my knowledge in the communications field.

Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio!