Hi, welcome to my ePortfolio! My name is Katherine Grudens and I am currently a freshman Integrated Marketing and Communications major/ Deaf Studies minor and I expect to graduate in the spring of 2016. Some people say that the field of communications is dying because of all of the new technology-dependent job openings available nowadays however they are completely misinformed. As long as there are people out there trying to communicate with others, then this field will be expanding. 

I cannot wait to be a professional communicator one day and to take advantage of every experience and opportunity given to me these next four years. I have a serious passion for all things communications and I would love to be able to use that passion to succeed and make the marketing world a much more successful one. As a student in the Roy H. Park School of Communications here at Ithaca College i have already learned so much to help me reach this goal. Here I was told that "you are not your major" and that you are way more than just a statistic. There are tons of people out there who work in a field in which they did not study in college and could not be happier with their careers. Honestly it just depends on you, how you adapt to the ever-changing media, and what you decide to do with your education. I also learned that networking is crucial in this line of work. Putting yourself out there and introducing yourself to as many professionals as you can will seriously make all the difference. Even if you feel unqualified for a position, networking could be the reason why you get hired. In fact one of the most successful alumni of this school Bill D'Elia told my class he doesn't know what he is doing sometimes and just makes things up as he goes along meanwhile his success is one that is admired by many. D'ELia, as well as all of the other alumni that we talked to as a class, kept stressing to us that being involved is crucial and that there is no such thing as being too busy. I can't wait to prove to both them and myself that i have taken that advice to heart. 

I hope to one day make major differences in the fields of communications and marketing and I fully intend on doing so thanks to the stellar reputation of the Roy H. Park School. Some of my professional goals include utilizing the college's New York City or L.A. internship program, going above and beyond in all of my classes and clubs/memberships, and finding a job that combines my field of study with my interests. Some of these interests include social media, fashion, writing, and pop culture. 

Feel free to browse my page; I would love to hear from you!