Katelyn Gualtieri

Welcome to my ePortfolio!

I am currently a freshman at Ithaca College as a Communication Management and Design Major. Right now, I am really interested in the event planning part of the CMD major. During Alumni weekend, a woman came and talked about her job as an event planner, and I was really intrigued. What I like about this potential job, is that every day is different and you are always doing something new. This woman works for Fourth Wall Events, and does a lot of work with corporate companies and has done some really cool events. I have always been involved in various clubs and leadership positions that have lead me to want like planning events. 

For what I'm interested in, I think that learning effective management of people would be a vital thing to learn for event planning. Learning the ways to organize people effectively would help me learn how people like to be organized and grouped. Interning would be the best way to learn a lot of what goes into event planning. I also am interested in learning more about graphics and advertising so I can know how to get the word out for events. Learning about the different events to plan, and what goes on for each one would be important as well. I am also interested in learning all the different aspects of each job in the event planning umbrella so I can better know what exactly I want to do. 

The world around us is changing in so many ways and in many different directions. Social media and technology is rapidly changing and we must adjust to the changes around us. Through Spark and the various Alumni we Skype with, I have learned that the media changes around us are making things move a lot faster, and information is being transferred at a rapid rate. My goal for the next three and a half years of college is to understand all types of media and be ready to use them effectively in a real world job.

Click around and check out my ePortfolio! I am a Leadership Scholar, so this ePortfolio has a lot to do with my SLI sessions and my clubs that i am involved in. Enjoy! :)