Ever since I was young I've been interested in media. I began filming videos with friends and taking photos in middle school and my passion has focused my studies through high school and now in college. I love filming and editing and I hope to one day have a job in the industry. Through speaking with high profile producers in the industry, and through other sources, I've learned that advertising in media is changing. This is quite a broad subject. In recent years advertising has mainly been done through digital media. Paper sources such as magazines, newspapers and billboards don't sell much anymore. In this new digital age where many people spend the majority of their time interacting with digital media, advertising has evolved to attack consumers through new mediums. With this new age comes new technology. More people now own cell phones and personal computers and laptops than ever before. Even ad campaigns change in order to relate to the new digital consumer. It's important to relate to people in this new high-tech fast forward world where news travels at the speed of a text message. Although the same people are being sold the same products, the ad campaigns and messages are changing. In this new age we must keep up with the consumers. I've also learned that landing yourself a successful job is about connections and relationships. It's important to present yourself well at every job interview you get and maintain contact with professionals you have met. Although you may not get a job after an interview, if you present yourself well the interviewer will be more likely to offer you a job in the future or suggest other companies hire you. Never burn bridges.