The star sign for Cancer using light photography.

Welcome to my ePortfolio! I am a Journalism major with a minor in Anthropology, and I expect to graduate in 2016.


I have always defined myself as a writer, and I still do today. I believe that in order to write with substance and meaning, one must observe, experience and immerse themselves within a culture. My ultimate goal in life is to experience as many different cultures as possible, and write as much as I can about each one. One aspect of all cultures that interests me most is music. I believe that music is especially crucial to cultures in that it ties a community of people together. In the world we live in today, with an unlimited access to all forms of music, there is a new form of musical community that has been created. Rather than culture defining our music, it is the type of music itself that connects us globally, no matter where you live or where you come from.


This new idea of global communities is forming across all platforms of the media. In order to understand these new ways of communication, one must be skillful in multiple areas of multi-media. Throughout the next four years I spend at Ithaca College, I hope to master as many of these skills as possible, while still maintaining my position as a writer.