First Visit to Ithaca College

Welcome to my profile!

I'm currently enrolled at Ithaca College. I'm a senior Health Sciences major with a pre-medical concentration and a Humanities & Sciences Honors minor. I am originally from Connecticut but have enjoyed living in Ithaca so much these past four years I feel more at home here than there! Being from a small town really made moving so far away scary. Yet Ithaca is such a welcoming community I fell in love with the people, community and gorges before the first month of college was even over. But, as much I love Ithaca now, I'm excited to be graduating soon and moving on to bigger and more challenging things.

College has taught me many things but what I consider to be the most important is organization and time management. When you're taking sixteen to eighteen credits at a time while holding down a part-time job you must become a master at making a to do list. Being in two very different programs has really shown me how vital to my college survival time management is. My classes rarely overlap and my minor because it's in the Humanities and Sciences school and not the Health Science and Human Performance school or even the Chemistry department means I have to be highly organized about my credits. This time juggling and scheduling challenges has taught me how to work hard and that to achieve anything you need dedication and drive.  

After graduating from Ithaca College I'm excited to take some time away from academia both to reinvigorate my drive for learning and to get some real world experience to help me determine what I would like to pursue for Graduate studies.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to explore some of my academic and outside work in the Custom Sections.