My name is Kelly Pantason and I am currently a Sophomore at Ithaca College.  Thank you for visiting my eportfolio!  

I am a Physical Therapy major and am considering a minor in Spanish and I am also in the honors program.  I am an active member in the leadership scholar program, which is a selective program for student leaders that emphasizes active involvement in campus organizations, professional development activities, and community service.  Before attending Ithaca College, I attended South Windsor High School where I graduated fourth in my class of over 400.  In addition to academics, I am a member of the Women's Varsity Soccer Team at IC.  While being a student-athlete is at times challenging, it is an extremely rewarding experience to be able to play a sport that I love in addition to my studies and my campus and community involvement.  I am also getting ready to leave for a semester abroad in Barcelona in the Spring of 2013!

My career goals are to graduate with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree and to pursue a career in an orthopedic outpatient facility or working with athletes in some way.  I have been exposed to physical therapy since I suffered a severe ankle sprain my freshman year of high school.  Physical therapy has helped me pursue my dreams of playing soccer in college and I am excited to be a physical therapist so I can help others live healthy lives, doing what they love to do.


You can see me in the Faces of 15 article in the Ithacan!...



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Kelly Pantason