Karly Placek's ePortfolio


Welcome to my ePortfolio. I am freshman Documentary Studies and Production major at Ithaca College.  I hope to eventually work with a credible company to create intelligent media. 

My background includes several years of work experience in the service industry as well as the successful completion of a high school education at Monroe High School in Monroe, Wisconsin. I am currently helping out with a few films as a Production Assistant and am learning many technical aspects of film. 

I have a wide range of interests including the environment, social and political issues,and international affairs. I have had some experiences abroad and am extremely interested in connecting the world through media.  I also have a background in music and would love to produce original music for films that I produce. 

My goal is to create eye-opening documentaries that change the way people see, feel, and act. I will gladly travel to any part of the world that has a story of injustice that needs to be told. I believe the documentary is a very powerful form of media as it presents matters as they really are. This sense of stark truth is refreshing and necessary in a superficial world as the one we live in today. 

Media is rapidly changing. The ways we receive information are becoming more viral and are therefore attracting larger audiences. I feel I am very knowledgeable in new technology and can effectively communicate via the Internet. I have several social networking accounts of which I am a competent user of. Due to the accessibility of media through the Internet, virtually the entire world can be connected. I have a strong understanding of globalism and I will incorporate  my international experiences and connections with the media I will produce. 

This semester I had the chance to take a unique course here at Ithaca College called "S'Park: Igniting Your Future in Media and Communications". Through this class, I've learned a lot about the road that media is heading down and what I will have to do to keep up in the future. Some of these things include not narrowing down my career options, as Bill D'Elia told us in a guest lecture. He said he didn't know exactly what he wanted to do in media, but that kept his opportunities open. One should also not be afraid to create new jobs. If something doesn't exist in media right now, we can always go out into the world and create a new job in a smart and effective matter. In addition, S'Park taught me to take advantage of social networking sites. They can really be helpful in advertising and alerting the public to a certain message that you want to send out. Another thing I can take advantage of to help my career is the many classes here at Park. While Skyping David Muir and Kate Sheppard, I learned that they both took the prestigious Documentary Workshop class here at Park and it really helped them get hands-on experience. I am looking forward to taking this class in the following years as well as other classes that will help future career. Through all of the unique experiences with my S'Park class, I have come to the realization that to be successful in the field of media and communications, one really has to be able to adapt. I feel that I will be able to adapt to any situation the media throws at me, and hopefully leave a strong impression for years to come.