Hi, welcome to my e-portfolio!

My name is Krystina Puleo and I am a recent graduate from Ithaca College. I have a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) as well as a Spanish minor. IMC features an all-inclusive array of coursework that does not limit my choice of career paths. It is a comprehensive combination of advertising, and public relations courses from the distinguished Roy H. Park School of Communications, as well as marketing classes from the School of Business. My hands-on coursework has allowed me to gain first hand experience in each of these industries allowing me to work with real clients within the community. My Spanish minor is also an activity that I exert much of my effort toward because I feel strongly that being fluent in a second language is a significant proficiency that is valued in any industry.

I am very involved on campus with different student organizations and positions that reflect my passion for the industry. I have found that these leadership roles have not only enhanced my communication skills, but also my organizational skills and will continue be helpful throughout my career. To learn more about my on-campus experiences, use the tabs on the left to navigate through my portfolio.

I hope you enjoy my e-portfolio, it includes a number of projects I have been working on for different classes, clubs, internships and work. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments :)

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