Photo Credit: Tessa Duke

Hello! My name is Karly Redpath and I am a journalism major with a minor in sport studies at Ithaca College who is set to graduate in 2015.

I grew up in a small town about 20 minutes outside of New York City called Bronxville. I have a younger brother who I get along with extremely well named Jack. I think my parents raised me pretty well, they taught me a lot of really good lessons when they were raising me and I think I'm probably a much better person thanks to them. I'm really excited to be of the Ithaca College community; I believe it presents all of it's students with a great opportunity to succeed.

I participated in two varsity sports in high school, swimming (for 6 years) and lacrosse (for 4). Here at IC, I started rowing my freshman year and had to stop due to back issues, and since then I have been playing club lacrosse. I have always loved sports and my involvement in both lacrosse and swimming has led to my hope to become a sports journalist.

On campus I am a part of both The Ithacan, the college's weekly student run newspaper, and have been a part of the student run television station, ICTV. I have been writing for the paper since my sophomore year and have covered the club and intramural sport, crew, golf, sculling, and now swimming and diving beat. I have worked behind the scenes on numerous TV shows both in sports and comedy.

Since I arrived here at Ithaca I have developed a stronger understanding of what it means to be a part of a media oriented society. I’ve learned that being a journalism major means that I have one of the most important jobs in the virtual world. There are many ways we can communicate the news now.

Through the increased use of the Internet people are able to express themselves and obtain information faster than before. The Internet is a place where all people are completely free to put whatever they want on it; sites like Wikipedia allow people to publish whatever they feel necessary and is a site that is always gathering more information. Also sites like Youtube allow for expression in an artistic ways and also allow people to see what’s trending in the world even if they missed it when it first happened. It is very easy to find news stories and videos online as well as television shows, which allows people to watch what they need to when they can.

Another issue I believe will greatly impact my occupation in the future is the increased globalization of television shows as well as other media industries.  Because information is so readily available today, journalists have had to adapt and write stories on all issues in every country in the world as well. This is a result of all of our cultures merging together as we become more and more reliant on one another and our fates often times depend on the fates of other countries.

I look forward to the rest of my career here at Ithaca College as I continue to develop as a student and a journalist.