My Teaching Philosophy


My teaching philosophy is rooted in my goal to effectively teach all my students and instill in them a love of learning. I want my students to understand that learning should take place not only in the confines of the classroom, but throughout their everyday lives. I strive to help them become life-long learners and to seize their own opportunities to gain knowledge.

I am an enthusiastic educator who places a large emphasis on differentiation. Understanding that each child is unique and that students learn in different ways, I believe it is essential for educators to differentiate our lessons to better meet the needs of our students. This can include scaffolding, preparing different lessons for students, and adapting whole group lessons for diverse learners. I also support that building positive rapport with students is essential for trust to be gained and thus, learning to thrive.

I continue to improve my own teaching by engaging in careful reflection. This allows me to think critically about what works and what doesn't. Then, I am able to adapt my own teaching to better meet the needs of my students.


Additionally, because all students are different, they will respond differently to assessments, thus I believe in giving a multitude of assessments including: tests or quizzes, papers, projects, presentations, dioramas, and other assessments to gain a better understanding of what my students know.


Entering this ever evolving field of education where new technologies are being implemented and innovative strategies are being discovered, I will continue to keep myself educated and constantly reading and learning about new ways that may meet the needs of my students even more effectively.

My philosophy will continue to guide me throughout this noble profession.