Hello there.

I am currently a student in an intensive and competitive Bachelor of Arts program at Ithaca College, with a focus in journalism and a minor in still photography. After graduation, I plan to become a photojournalist for either a magazine or newspaper. This semester, I am taking on an 18 credit workload as well as interning with the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival as a blogging intern and at College Lifestyles as an editing intern. These internships and my previous one with The Association of Photographers, a membership based photography company have definitely taught me a lot about being in the field and office life. I also take photographs for The Ithacan, the college's main newspaper, and in previous semesters, I have also written and taken photographs for Buzzsaw Magazine, an alternative publication, as well as for Taste Magazine, a new music based magazine.

In addition to having experience working in my field, I have also gained knowledge through my past employments. By working in the Ithaca College Fitness Center and Camp Hillcroft, I have shaped my communication skills with people of all ages and have taught me how to work both independently and with groups on projects. I am very fond of keeping busy. 

What I hope to gain from my college journey is the potential to do whatever I may dream of. I will be fluent in another language at the end of my four years at Ithaca and this will help me immensely in the global marketplace. I will know how to write a story and use a camera and social networking sites and all other forms of the media, which will make me diverse and well rounded. This will also leave me able to perform any task thrown at me. 

Through success in school and constantly photographing everything, I believe my future will be bright and full of potential.

Take a look around my page and view some of my works.