Kieu Anh Truong

In my application to Ithaca College, I quoted an Alfred Hitchcock’s saying: “Cinema is not a slice of life but a piece of cake.” It rings true to me now just as much as it did almost a year ago. However, cinema to me at this moment is no longer the “gorgeous double cream blueberry cheesecake” I see in the bakery shop. I have started to make my own cake and it is by no means “gorgeous”. But I’ll try again and again until I have my own beautiful blueberry cheesecake.

One more thing about me (besides I’m a cinema and cake lover) is that I’m from Vietnam. This is also the first time I’ve ever been to the U.S., so many things here (the culture, the lifestyle) are new to me. However, I can still see many common features between American and Vietnamese youths. One of them is the heavy use of social media and most notably facebook. Just three years ago, facebook was a totally new concept to us and now I can see most of my friends in facebook almost everyday. We, talk, share, make plan to go out and say happy birthday on facebook. It has become our indispensable way of communications. The same happens in America and I can use the same facebook page to communicate with my Vietnamese friends and the friends I’ve met here. Therefore, it’s not exaggerated to say social media make us international. 

I’m taking French next semester and I hope to spend a semester or a summer in Europe. I’m also taking a class in flash animation because I think it can be a useful tool for my career. I also plan to minor in Art History because it heavily relates to my major (Film, Photography and visual Arts) and a minor in Comparative Literature because literature has been a great inspiration for film from the beginning of the medium’s history.

As for the future, I want to start my career as an employee for Focus Features or HBO Film – my two favorite companies. Even an internship in these two companies is valuable. I also hope to have the opportunity to work for BBC Film.

- Focus Features internship:

- HBO Film:

-                 -  BBC Film:,3488233472&key=54561536&c=652356613423&pagestamp=seycvofxcewvqtmsbo

            Though I am very interested in mainstream media but I want to head my career to the direction of independent media. My ultimate dream is to have my own movie theatre in my country Vietnam. It would be a non-profit art cinema which has a focus on international and independent movies. We don't have that kind of cinema in Vietnam, not yet. In my opinion, independent filmmakers in Vietnam don't have a lot of opportunities to develop their talents and I hope my movie theatre can serve as a platform for them.